Service Evaluation

2012 Service Evaluation
Community Task Force

In July 2012, CCFD5′s Board of Commissioners commissioned mHc Associates to initiate a ‘Level-of-Service’ project, which would report back to the Commissioners.

The project concluded October 29, 2013.

The purpose of the project was to provide the policy-makers accurate and time-sensitive information regarding the current and future services which the Fire District is providing AND to determine the level-of service (LOS) goal that the Fire District should seek to attain and maintain into future years for the community.

The deliverables were:

  • Collection, analysis, and preparation of agency data pertinent to the study
  • Assistance in recruiting an independent Community Level-of-Service Task Force
  • Facilitation of on-site Task Force meetings, tours, and data analysis that would include good representation of the entire Manson community
  • Communication of comments, and observations concern the CCFD5 operation, facilities and fleet
  • Development of a final Task Force Level-of-Service (LOS) recommendation to the Board of Commissioners

Final recommendations:

  • Maintain a Volunteer Fire Department
  • Establishing a Level-of-Service standard for the fire district to attain on an 80% basis
  • Increasing and diversifying the Volunteer ranks and staffing models (succession planning)
  • Active and purposeful involvement in the future reorganization or re-tooling of the Chelan Valley EMS delivery system
  • Improving and providing consistency to the Command/Attack response vehicle program
  • Analyzing WSRB fire rating and make effective changes / improvements to the Fire District (training, fleet, facilities) in order to lower the Fire District’s WSRB rating. (increase LOS and reduce property insurance costs)
  • Facility improvement to better provide and support a more consistent level of service
  • Dedicated funding for the Apparatus Replacement Program

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