Service Evaluation Action

Service Evaluation Action
The Future of District 5

Dear Manson resident,

For 3 years, the District 5 Board of Commissioners and the Fire Chief have engaged in a process to evaluate and predict the Level of Service needed for the Manson Community.

Part of our commitment to our future, was the commissioning of a Citizens/Community Task Force in 2012 to review, analyze, and make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on what will be needed to meet current and future demand on Fire District 5.

As a result of the Community Task Force’s Recommendations (commissioned by the Board) As a result of this study, the Assessments and Task Force Report is posted here:

Station-51 Assessment

Station-52 Assessment
Task Force Report

This new initiative will also solidify our EMS commitment to the community by providing a permanent solution with safe 24/7 housing.



The Legacy Continues