Joining Procedure

Joining Procedure for Volunteers:

The District is always looking for new volunteers who want to serve the community and can devote the time. Firefighting and emergency response are very difficult jobs, and people in these jobs must perform functions that are psychologically and physically very demanding. Studies have shown that firefighting functions require working at near maximal heart rates for prolonged periods of time. The applicant is required to be medically qualified to perform as a firefighter in an unrestricted capacity, and reside or work within the District.

A person with interest shall complete the Section “A” Application Form which includes the following information:

Section “A” Applications and Background

  • Membership Application
  • Code of Conduct Form
  • Conviction Criminal History Record – National
  • Abstract of Driving Record – National
  • Fire Experience History

The Chief will review the applicant, and has the authority to approve or deny an application based on any of the preceding requirements, the applicant’s residency and availability to respond to incidents and meet minimum work requirements, or other considerations that would affect the safe and efficient operation of the Fire District.

After successful completion of Section “A” and clearance to go forward with the application process from the Chief, the applicant shall complete the Section “B” Application Form.

Section “B” Required for Employment

  • Physical and Medical Evaluation
  • 1-9 Form
  • W-4 Form
  • Personal Gear Issuance Form

After Section “B” is complete the Chief, Officers and the Board of Commissioners will review applicant. If the applicant is accepted, a one-year probationary period begins and the applicant moves on to Sections “C” and “D”

Section “C” Required Training

  • Firefighter Essentials – IFSAC Certification to Firefighter 1 & 2
  • Health Care Provider First Aid and CPR minimum, WA EMT Certification preferred
  • Hazardous Materials – IFSAC Certification to Haz-Mat Awareness & Operations
  • Wildland Firefighting – NWCG Qualification to Firefighter II
  • Blood-borne Pathogens Training

Section “D” During Employment

  • Respirator Fit Test
  • Flu Vaccine – annual
  • HBV Series
  • TB Skin Test
  • Live Fire Training

The Chief may extend the time needed to comply with sections “C” and “D”

Captain Rasmussen
Live Fire Training 2017

Live Fire Training